How Do You Do Viral Content Marketing?

How Do You Do Viral Content Marketing?

First off, let me ask you a question.

Have you ever bought a lottery ticket and expected yourself to win in the first go? You must think that I must be a fool to even ask that question.

The same is true for content marketing as well. You may keep daring and strategizing to go viral but there is nothing that can guarantee you sure-shot success.

Viral content evokes heightened emotional responses. It is usually so interesting that the users are happy to share it with everyone.

It could make you laugh, feel good about yourself, boost your ego or simply say wow.

Does your content arouse strong emotions? If yes, then it surely has high chances of getting shared by multiple users and going viral. But, remember as a content marketer, you are out there to arouse positive emotions, not negative ones.

There are tons of news pieces out there that go viral because of their negative character. But while promoting your brand, you need to make sure your content is going viral for all the right reasons.

This is essential to help you to build a positive reputation for your business.



Here are some interesting strategies can help you to make your content go viral:


Be Honest and Believable

Your content should tell a story that’s true and relatable. Your target audience would be more than happy to share your content if they can connect with it on an emotional level.

Your content should be easily understood by the masses. Viral content is beyond just your target audience. It is liked by one and all and that’s what makes it highly shareable.


Make Your Content Newsworthy

What type of content is newsworthy?

Content that brings out something new and innovative surely is worthy of becoming news.

You must showcase interesting facts and stats, that no one has touched upon before.

Similarly, if you talk about a phenomenon that’s never happened before or share a story that intrigues the target audience, it will surely work in your favour. Add an element of surprise and a flavour of culture and see the difference.


Say Less and Mean More

A piece of viral content is usually not very long. Your audience has short attention spans. People usually take only a few seconds to know whether they like a piece of content or not.

Shorter, exciting and more valuable content always has higher chances of going viral.



Catch Attention with Powerful Headlines

Building curiosity for your content starts with the headline. If you are writing an eye-grabbing headline, you must also remember that what follows must also be as entertaining.

Make use of the right words to amaze your audience and get them to click first.

Your headline needs to tell them that you are going to tell them a story they’ve never heard before. Once they are convinced with your headline, they will go on and find what’s there in store for them.

If you are able to delight them in the next stage as well, you’ve surely created something valuable.


Make Intelligent Use of Visuals and Infographics

Stunning and aesthetically designed images and data visualisations can go a long way in breaking the clutter and helping you get more shares than you expect.

Make use of creative images to ensure that your message is witty and endearing. All of these add to the viral score of your content.


Be Persistent

You need to be honest and persistent with your content marketing efforts. Try and do something innovative with each of the content pieces you produce.

You can’t just produce viral content at will.

If you consistently produce delightful content, then the chances of one or more of them going viral are very very high.


Have an Opinion

It’s always a good idea to be aware of what’s happening around you. Stay abreast of the trending news and stories in your location and around the world.

You can hijack a current popular news or an event by having an opinion that goes out from your brand.

If what you say has mass appeal, then you surely have good chances of getting a lot many shares.

Be witty and add some humour to the situation and that can work wonders as well.


Understand The Psychology of Your Audience

According to Mark Hughes, you need to push the following six buttons if you need to get people to share your content:

  • Taboo
  • Unusual
  • Outrageous
  • Hilarious
  • Remarkable
  • Secrets

Does it now seem easier to go viral?

If you create content that’s taboo, it’s bound to catch the attention of the audience because it’s different from the normal perceptions of the masses. So, even if does not have mass appeal it will get mass attention which will certainly help it achieve a lot of visibility.

Similarly, if you create content that’s hilarious or remarkable or something that’s new to most of your target audience, you can surely expect it to become highly popular.


Be Original

You should come up with original viral content ideas. You can surely get inspired by those that exist but make sure your content is unique and something that’s never been done before. What’s been viral before is known to people and therefore has lost its charm.

Something that’s authentic and that’s being communicated for the first time would always come as a surprise and inspire the majority.


Make Sure You Have Fans and Followers

The more fans and followers you have on social media, the higher will be your chances of going viral on these channels. It surely does take time and an effort to build that community and that happens when you are consistently producing content that your audience admires.

When your fans relate to your brand and behave like a community, they automatically wish to engage with and share something that’s worthy.

It gives them a chance relive the experience of a community with shared values. The bigger is your community the easier it is for you to derive more value from the innovative content you create.

You can definitely create possibly the most viral content for your brand. All need to do is craft a story that’s creative and out-of-the-box.

Create brand experiences that surprise and inspire the audience in a way that nobody has done before. A content piece that goes viral could be a blog post, a social media post or a video.

The format of your content is not important. It is what it contains that makes it go viral. Keep trying to add the necessary ingredients and it will surely work.

Take a look at this example from Volvo trucks. The campaign went viral while one of its videos got a whopping 72,138,398 views.