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Hi, I’m Abhishek Talreja, a.k.a. Abbey; I love socializing with myself, reading fiction, traveling to the mountains, and having coffee. But, more than that, I have a passion for telling stories that create a lasting impression. Influential writing has a purpose: to build a strong connection, touch hearts, make the readers smile, laugh, love, and go crazy.


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I used work as a content marketing manager. And then I decided to jump into freelance writing. And then…I wrote for all these fabulous websites!



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International Experience

I have worked with clients from across the globe to help them create top-notch and result-driven content for their business.

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My Expertise Includes


Creating content for articles, blogs, ebooks, whitepapers, podcasts

Writing copy for websites, newsletters, landing pages, and videos

Advising clients on SEO and content strategy

Editing and proofreading

Writing non-fiction and fiction books

Poetry and songwriting

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